There are 5.4 million people who have Alzheimer's. It cost 183 billion dollars in annual costs. Alz's is the 6th leading cause of death.
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1 John 4: 9-10

Mom and Dad Happy Times.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Will They Stay Or Will They Go

All of you on Hospice know that you have to be evaluated every 3 months to see if you are still eligible for Hospice. Ok this is a no win for me. If hospice goes We have to start paying for medicine and supplies for mom again. Which is hard since I am not working and we are living on moms SS with help from my son all the time and brother and sister in an emergancy. But if Hospice stays that means mom is getting worse. I can't see that she is worse because she is so much better than before her eye surgery. The only thing differant lately is her yelling and not sleeping . Which we have been trying to adjust her meds to help with that. Sorry if you have to listen to this every 3 months . But this sure does worry me. Before Hospice we were always short of money. And now we live comfortly. We can keep our extra tv channels , internet and cell phone. We are little spoiled. But if mom is better I am happy. I would love it if she would stay this way for years. She talks to me sometimes and I can understand what she says and she eats good now that I know what she likes "sweets" and she has no pressure sores Which is a big deal for me. The last ones she got were awful. I pray "No More Pressure Sores" Of course keeping her from getting pressure sores sure keeps me from getting a good nights sleep. Oh well, no big deal. After 3 years I am used to it.
Now on a lighter note. Arkansas is playing Ohio in the Sugar Bowl. Go Hogs!!!!


  1. When will you find out about Hospice continuing?

  2. Oh Karen.... I'm praying/hoping for a good evaluation for hospice. I know this is so mind boggling to go through every 3 months. The finances for dealing with our loved ones with
    Alzheimer's is a 'big deal'......

    You amaze and inspire me with your love and devotion to your mother!

    God bless....

  3. The Social Worker will come visit next week and she will tell me if hospice keeps coming. Thanks ladies.

  4. Karen...I also am praying for you and that the social worker does everything in her power to get you the help you so need and deserve. You are extremely inspirational. My prayers are with you.......


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The Early, Mild to Moderate and Advanced stages of Alzheimer's in the brain.

The Early, Mild to Moderate and Advanced stages of Alzheimer's in the brain.

Seven Stages of Alzheimer's

1. No sign of congnitive impairment. 2. Very mild congnitive decline. 3. Mild congnitive decline. 4. Moderate congnitive decline. 5. Moderately severe congnitive decline. 6. Severe congnitive decline. 7. Very severe congnitive decline. (Congnitive pertains to the mental process of perception, memory, judgement, and reasoning, as contrasted with emotional and volitional processes.)

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