There are 5.4 million people who have Alzheimer's. It cost 183 billion dollars in annual costs. Alz's is the 6th leading cause of death.
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Mom and Dad Happy Times.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Waiting For Company To Arrive.

I did all my house cleaning. Boy I am pooped. Mom is napping . I will get her up in about 35 min's. Her nephew and his wife and daughter should be here around 6pm.

I found 6 nice x-large T-shirts on the clearance rake for $1.66 at the store the other day. So mom will be all pretty in a new shirt when they get here.

I have a lasagna to put in the oven but for mom I think I will make cream of celery soup and applesauce. Might give her a bite of the lasagna but I don't think she will eat it. Oh! and I have garlic bread. You have to have garlic bread with lasagna. Anyway the question of the day is will mom know who is here to see her. Or ,will she even talk to them. I bet she will ignore them. She likes to ignore me. Used to she would tell every one how mean I was to her . I miss those days. Now she is in her own world a lot.

Yesterday my brother was talking about her and she said "I did?" So she was listening to us. That is good.


  1. We just don't know what to expect, do we, of what is going on in their world. I surely hoped she recognized her company and chatted with them some. I think Elbert enjoys company but he seems much more comfortable with the people that is in his world now (at the Garden).

  2. It's true -- each day is a new one, for us and for our Alzheimer's loved one. My Mom has entered end-stage AD now, and is not eating except for some Ensure drink. She is steadily losing weight; now it's as if it is a child in her bed. She seems to be disappearing. She doesn't know me, but smiles and is no longer angry or frightened, as she used to be -- and even though there is less communication with her, I take comfort in the knowledge that she, herself, is more content. With even less memory and cognition, she is living moment to moment, is comfortable, and is "happy" in her own way, in her own world.

    I hope your company visit went well.

    My Dad was brought to the hospital on Monday with pneumonia; he has Parkinson's and gets recurrent aspiration pneumonia. This round was just 3 months after the last one. I was able to take him home today, and he's doing well. A little disoriented still, but the doctors believe that will go away as he gets used to familiar surroundings again.

    Never a dull moment!

  3. Hi Karen,

    It should be nice to have some company for the weekend. I hope they tell you what a wonderful job you're doing with your mom. I giggled at you forgetting to give mom her "nice" medicine and then hearing her potty mouth. It reminded me an art teacher I used to work with whose mom was in a facility when she was pretty far along into Alzheimers. Marcia, (my friend) visited her mom everyday, and she said her mom was so "out there" in every way, (and didn't usually know who she was)and would say things she'd never heard her mother utter prior to her decline. She said she just laughed at her mom and worked hard to enjoy her "as she is today". I told her I didn't see how she could visit her everyday when her mom was like that, and she said it actually brought her a lot of joy. Wow. But she wasn't in the trenches with day to day care the way you are.

    I hope you enjoy your company, and that lasagna! Sounds good - I hope you have leftovers :).

  4. How did your visit go? Been thinking about you today.

  5. Good morning Karen,

    I hope the visit went well yesterday with family. Did your mom recognize family?
    The lasagna and garlic bread sounds yummy.
    Take care of yourself,

  6. The lasagna sound yummy! One of my favorite foods and your right you do need garlic bread with it.
    It will be nice for you to have some company this weekend. Enjoy your day.

  7. We had a good visit. Mom really did not realize anyone was here. But I think everyone had fun.


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The Early, Mild to Moderate and Advanced stages of Alzheimer's in the brain.

The Early, Mild to Moderate and Advanced stages of Alzheimer's in the brain.

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