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Monday, October 12, 2009

Oral Care

I was going to watch the View because the Duggar family were going to be on it. Have you seen them on Fox or USA? I can't remember want channel. They have 18 or 19 kids and pregnant again. I only watch it sometimes when nothing else is on. My son plays broom ball with them at the ice skating rink and we see them around town sometimes. They seem like a nice family. But to many kids for me. Well, I missed it so thought I would write about something new I'm trying out on mom. Moms nurse gave me some Flavored Disposable Oral Swabs. They are great. Mom even likes them once you get them in her mouth.They are so cute looks like a sucker.
We used to take moms teeth out and I would let them soak over night and mom would rinse out her mouth. The toothbrush was out of the question. But she will not do anything now. We don't even try to put the teeth in anymore. Anyway you soak the swab in water and put in her mouth. Rub all around . It smells good and must taste good because mom likes sucking on it. Which is a good way to get that tongue clean.


  1. What a great little gadget. My FIL used to take my MIL to the dentist real often for cleaning. It seems that she would cooperate with them more than with my FIL or the staff where she was.

  2. I wish mom would be nice to the dentist but no such luck .She needs to go to the eye doc. too.But I don't think I will try it.LOL!

  3. Hi Karen,

    Thank you for the nice comment you just put on my post. I feel better just for having talked about it.

    Aren't those mouth swabs nice? We have them for some of the clients I care for. It must make your mom's mouth feel so much fresher to have a nice flavor and have her mouth sort of swept out! Sounds like things are going well with you. Have a great day. I'm going back to read weekend posts I missed, so I may be talking to you again! Take care -

  4. We had to use those when my dad had his stroke and he couldn't do much.

    I cant believe someone could have that many children... I couldn't handle it!

  5. Thanks and your welcome. Moms breath is minty fresh!

  6. Oh, Karen, this is brilliant. I love the idea of these swabs. My Mom won't wear her teeth anymore, either -- which breaks my Dad's heart. she was NEVER seen without her teeth in the before days. Too vain! It's hard for him to see her looking so "old" without her teeth.

    But I'm going to get these swabs for her -- great idea for freshening; I think it will feel good to her!

  7. I'm glad your mom likes the swabs. I can imagine it feels good to have a fresh tasting mouth. My mom still has her own teeth. I feel guilty sometimes that I haven't taken her to the dentist, but I know she wouldn't understand what was happening to her and would probably be scared. Not to mention I don't know how many dentists are good with this sort of thing. In the meantime I pray that mom doesn't have any serious dental issues.

  8. Cass, Mom looks really old without her teeth or her glasses but she does not care anymore.Good luck with the swabs.
    Happy@Home. I bet the swabs would work good for your mom too. She might like the taste. My mom would tear a dentist up. So no dentist for her. LOL!

  9. Glad that the swabs are helpful for you mom.
    18 kids - way too many for me. I think my two were plenty! :-)

  10. thanks. Your right 18 is 16 to many.

  11. Hi Karen,
    Great idea to pass along about the swabs. So far, David still brushes his teeth, but I know the time will come when the swabs will be needed.

    I hope your day has been a good one.

  12. Oh my! What a great idea! Where can I get these swabs???

  13. Hey Karen,
    Good idea and very humane. We used glycerin swabs for my mother many years ago, in the later stages.


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The Early, Mild to Moderate and Advanced stages of Alzheimer's in the brain.

The Early, Mild to Moderate and Advanced stages of Alzheimer's in the brain.

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