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1 John 4: 9-10

Mom and Dad Happy Times.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Walk Around The Lake

I took mom to the Hospice Home yesterday. Well actually they came and got her. She will be there 5 days. It was lonely last night. I felt kind of useless. But today I was busy . My friend from school and I went hiking around one of our lakes. There is a hiking trial , Botanical Garden and a park. It took us around 5 hours. According to the sign at the start of the trail it is a 3 hr. walk . I guess we are slow. Anyway I loved it . And it was perfect weather. Thank goodness we took a couple bottle's of water. And the gardens had a nice bathroom. I needed the water and the bathrooms. I tried to climb the oak tree but couldn't it has a sign that says largest black oak in Arkansas. It is really big. Guess that is why I could not climb it. My son did once and sent me a picture on my phone so I wanted to send him one of me in the tree. No such luck.

After the walk my sister,neice and I went to check on mom. She was sleeping . The nurse's at the Hospice Home are very nice. They told me how good she was eating and drinking. My sister ask her if she was happy and she said yes. It's really nice there. And mom seems fine .But I will be glad when she gets home Sunday but for now I'm going to bed and sleep all night and sleep very late in the morning.
Have you noticed how many times I say the word I in my post. It is all about me,.myself and I. I guess. Sorry about that. I am not a writer.But you can tell that I bet. LOL!


  1. The walk sounds great! Its nice that you are getting out.
    Enjoy your time alone.

  2. Wow, a peaceful lake, and what a magnificient tree, if only it could talk about its history.

    It's so good to hear that your mom is doing well in hospice care, and that you're getting out and having some fun and relaxation.

    Enjoy, you deserve this!!

  3. Dear Karen, Your mom will be fine in Hospice care; the Hospice nurses and others who care for my mother are truly angels on earth, and I am always grateful for the depth of their knowledge and understanding. For you and me, this is our first time down this Alzheimer's road, but they've traveled it many times and know all the twists and turns.

    In fact, today I have an appointment with my Mom's nurse Donna and the Hospice social worker, for an in depth update on mom, and to talk also of how best to prepare my father for the future.

    What is wonderful about Hospice is that they care for the patient, but they don't forget the family. Now... go back to sleep! :-)

  4. Hello there!

    One of the wisest things you can do as caregiver is give yourself (yes YOU) a break from time to time. Good job!

  5. Don’t you dare apologize to anyone for anything. It’s definitely NOT all about you the rest of the time. But 'til Sunday IT IS! Enjoy your time away. I know it’s hard not to be concerned, but even saints need a break. :-)

  6. Hi Karen, your hike sounds nice. Just wanted to thank you for your sweet comments you leave on my blog. You are very kind.


  7. How wonderful for you! Its nice to see you relaxing for once missy! Sounds like you had a blast walking around the lake and what beautiful pictures of everything!

    And dont feel bad. I have never been good at climbing trees!

  8. Great to hear that you are getting a break. Caregivers NEED breaks to make sure they can keep up their strength. ENJOY IT.

  9. I had a great week. Lots of running in and out. That is what I miss the most . Being able to come and go as I please. Thanks.


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The Early, Mild to Moderate and Advanced stages of Alzheimer's in the brain.

The Early, Mild to Moderate and Advanced stages of Alzheimer's in the brain.

Seven Stages of Alzheimer's

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