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Mom and Dad Happy Times.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Dry Skin

Mom's skin is pretty dry. We put lotion on it everyday. But it is dry and flaky. Today had a story on skin .
 It said to bath every other day instead of everyday because this will dry out the skin. Mom's aid only comes twice a week and I give her a sponge bath "kind of "in between so I think we are good on that. It also said to dress in Cotton instead of other cloths. I think all mom's gowns are cotton.
Increase water consumption. Mom drinks all day. I am  giving her sips of water because she is always thirsty seems like.  She drinks Gatorade, tea, nutrition drinks or juice with meals plus a glass of water with that . But I  need to lay off the tea . Agingcare says Caffeine can cause itching. She really loves her tea. Maybe one glass a day won't hurt. Using a wash cloths to rub off died skin instead of those fancy other things you can use to bath with will help. And Humidifiers or vaporizers will make the room not so dry. I am going to try all these. Plus get a better lotion . The bottle Hospice brings is thin and like water and I just buy the cheapest . I think a good lotion will do the trick.


  1. Hai Karen, maybe you could give her tea without cafeine, line green tea or rooibos tea? Greetings, Inge

  2. I love green tea . Great idea. Thanks!!!

  3. I was going to suggest tea without caffeine too.

  4. I love the green tea too, and it's suppose to be good for us. Sounds like your doing all the right things.

    I have dry skin too... and one of my favorites is plain ole Vasoline on my hands and's greasy and also cheap.

  5. I use Vasoline on moms bottom. Good Idea to use other places. I buy the biggest one Walmart has. It last a long time. LOL! Thanks girls. Don't know why I did not think of Caffeine free.

  6. Just found your blog and wishing you well as you take care of your mom. Yes, get the tea. You just can't take away something she really loves. :)

  7. I was going to suggest caffeine free tea also as others have. I think Lubriderm and Curel are really good lotions. I use Curel and love it. It comes in several different types.

  8. Karen,

    I was going to suggest white tea. It is actually better for us than green tea. However, if your mother is anything like mine, she will insist all these teas have no taste and demand her regular tea. If that is the case, go with decaffeinated.
    The best skin lotion I've used is Eucerin Dry Skin Therapy. Also, remember that many medications also dry skin. After going through a list of what could have been giving my mother a rash (including, just a reaction to heat) I finally realized it was the Exelon patch.

    Your Friend,

  9. I love Lubriderm...

    I think you need a big ((HUG))! I think the love you show your mother is amazing.

    Love to you~


  10. I have not seen white tea but I am going to get caffeine free for sure and good lotion .Thanks everyone.


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The Early, Mild to Moderate and Advanced stages of Alzheimer's in the brain.

The Early, Mild to Moderate and Advanced stages of Alzheimer's in the brain.

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