There are 5.4 million people who have Alzheimer's. It cost 183 billion dollars in annual costs. Alz's is the 6th leading cause of death.
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1 John 4: 9-10

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Walk To End Alzheimer's!!!

It's that time of the year again. Well it will be Sept 10. But we are starting early in hopes of raiseing LOTS of money. I think our Team Hudson did good last year. But we are going for more this year.
Walking To End  Alzheimer's!!! And the walks are so much fun. I had never done one before last years Alzheimer's walk. The walk in our town was at the baseball field. We just walked around it a few times and that was it. There were booths with lots of freebies. And food. I do love to eat. Everything was free. And so much info. , music , games. The raffles had really nice stuff in them. I encourage everyone to walk. And if you can donate to mine or your local walk. It is well worth it. And I pray someday in our lifetime there will be a cure for this awful disease.  I added a bottom to my blog for easy access to my walker page. Thanks Everyone and Please take a walk to end Alzheimer's.


  1. Oh yes Karen...... praying for a cure. I'll check back on your blog... I'd like to donate .... I should be walking, but probably wont... I'll help you though!

  2. Thank you Dolores! Even if you can't walk you should just go spend the morning at the walk in your area if you can . There is so much to do . And lots of tables and booths set up. Ours had live music and door prizes. And lots of free food. It was a fun day.

  3. Hello Karen! --- LOL :)

    Are you kidding? Simply use a translator to read my post, have on the left Google Translate. On the website of AMA NGOs have the option to English.

    This initiative "Wlak To End" appears to be excellent for spreading the conscientization on Alzheimer's. I wish success.


  4. Sounds like a fun time for a worthy cause!

  5. Hello Karen, thanks for visiting my blog. Hope you will be able to read the little 'stories' with a little help of google translate ... sometimes the translations make just no sense at all ;-) I've added your blog to my list of Alzheimer blogs. I'll visit your blog regularly. Gr, Inge

  6. Thanks guys. Walking for alz. is great fun I hope we get the word spend around to many people. I am still trying to figure the translate thing. but working on it.

  7. Te salut ! Ploiesti, Romania.


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The Early, Mild to Moderate and Advanced stages of Alzheimer's in the brain.

The Early, Mild to Moderate and Advanced stages of Alzheimer's in the brain.

Seven Stages of Alzheimer's

1. No sign of congnitive impairment. 2. Very mild congnitive decline. 3. Mild congnitive decline. 4. Moderate congnitive decline. 5. Moderately severe congnitive decline. 6. Severe congnitive decline. 7. Very severe congnitive decline. (Congnitive pertains to the mental process of perception, memory, judgement, and reasoning, as contrasted with emotional and volitional processes.)

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