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1 John 4: 9-10

Mom and Dad Happy Times.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

First Day Of Spring

It is raining and going to turn to snow . 6 to 8 inch's maybe. The first day of spring. Really?
My son,his girlfriend and two more friends just left for a Colorado Spring Break Ski Trip. They have to drive in a snow storm to get to more snow. Me, I would of went to the beach. Silly Kids.
Mom is sleeping. Of course it is 6 am. I should go back to bed too. But I was hungry and made me a blueberry bagel. It was good. I think mom might have a UTI. Seems to be going around the family. My sis had one and even her little 4 yr. old granddaughter. They both had to make a trip the the ER. Mom has them off and on. I have talked about them before. It is common for people in moms condition.
We went down a diaper size which shows mom is losing weight . Also common. Even if she ate like a horse she would start losing weight at some point in this disease. Of course she does not eat like a horse. I do that for both of us.Think I'll have another bagel.
Had a dad at posted a very important post that we all need to read about Alz's and driving do not mix. It is a must read. Click on my title and I think it will take you to her blog.


  1. UTI means an infection?

    Love blueberry and cinnamon bagels. My husband does too. That's how he gets his coconut oil some mornings; I melt the oil on both sides of the bagel before I put on the cream cheese.

    Take care of yourself, Karen.

  2. I was getting concerned about you, since you haven't posted in awhile. Good to hear from you.

    This weather is incredible. I can't believe on the first day of spring, we're back to winter. Hopefully it will be short lived.
    I'm with you, I'll take the beach over snow, especially driving in snow.. UGH!

    I think of you often and admire you so much, for the loving care you give your mother.

    Your in my prayers,

  3. Oh my goodness, I hope you don't receive that much snow. I also hope your son and friends have a safe and enjoyable ski trip. Like you, I would have headed to the beach too.
    How well I remember UTI's. It seems like my mom had them continuously. Enjoy your bagels :)

  4. My son texted they are in alot of snow now and still have along drive to get to a motel for the night.
    Yes NewKid UTI means urinery tract infection they are nasty ,painfull infections and are deadly in alot of end of life patients. So sad. Mom has them alot . So far so good.I just poke a hole in moms oil pills and put in drinks but your idea is good . I might try that. If I could get her to eat bagels. I might put in her oatmeal. Thanks all.

  5. Don't worry about me when I don't write for awhile I am either to busy or nothing new going on which is good. But thanks Dolores,and Happy@ Home for the thoughts and prayers.

  6. Hope you don't get all that snow. I'm so glad all of ours is gone!!! We have lots of sun for this first day of spring.
    Happy Spring to you Karen. :-)

  7. Cute - driving through snow to get to more snow. But it will be a LOT more in Colorado. UTIs can be pretty serious in the elderly. Sounds like you are on top of it and know your mom's patterns well. I hope you can head that UTI off at the pass.

  8. so very common,,, I start a new job with ALL MEMORY CARE.. this place is so nice. It is just like a HOME. I am excited to start. Yeah warm would have been my choice too. Have a good weekend.

  9. Coconut oil works well in oatmeal.

    What do you do for the infections?

    Global navigational systems work well for mild dementia. My husband uses one.

  10. Congrats on the new job Just a mom and Good luck sounds so exciting.
    Newkid moms doc. used to give her antiboctics for the UTI but Hospice just trys to make her comfortable. It is up to me if I want to go the her reg. doc. to get antibotics. She is not running a fever so maybe will pass. I hate to have to dicide what to do.

  11. karen hugs am always thinking of you and admiring your strength and I still think you are an angel on earth. My mom is only 62 and is in good health so far but I read your blog and hope and pray that if she ever needs care I can do as half as well as you

  12. 103yr old aunt Violet has UTI issues in nursing home. We seriously need more caregivers.

  13. Happy spring! We got your rain but were spared the snow. Hope the UTIs stop soon.

    Glad you were able to sell the van. I know you'd wanted to do that for a while. hopefully, you won't need it.

  14. Hi Karen! I think the rain we are having today is courtesy of your snow. But snow on the first day of spring? That was a rotten trick by Mother Nature! We had a gorgeous day -- in the 70s and sunny, just amazing. (Sorry!)

    I agree with you -- at their age, I'd have headed to the beach also for spring break, only in college I never had enough money to go anywhere but my parents' house for spring break, and wash my car with the garden hose. That's as close as I got to sand and water!

    Kids seem to get around a lot more than I did when I was young(er!).

    Good to hear from you!


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The Early, Mild to Moderate and Advanced stages of Alzheimer's in the brain.

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