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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Retirement Is Scary.

I guess you could say I am retired. I stopped working so I could care for mom but I am planning to go back to work when I can. I miss my paycheck. Having a paycheck coming in is wonderful.

My sister retired in Oct. this past year and has been sick ever since. First she hurt her back and was down for weeks and now she has a Urinary Track Infection. She had to go to the ER they gave her lots of med's. UTI are one of the causes that Alz's patients die. At end of life you have to decide to treat the infection or let it run it's course. I am not ready to make that choice yet. Mom used to get them all the time. So far she has not had one in awhile. I am so glad.

Anyway back to retirement. My dad wanted to retire so bad he did early and was killed in a farming accident a little over a year later. My brother in-law retired last year and is bored to death he is depressed and has nothing he likes to do. So far the only one that likes being retired is my brother who retired about 2 years ago. But he is raising his teenage granddaughter and she is keeping him busy with church and school activities. I was so happy when my brother retired because I thought he would come over and help with mom more but he just gets mad and stays away. I also was happy when my sister retired because we had great plans on caring for mom. If only my sister would get healthy again maybe we can start doing some of our plans .

When I get a chance I am going back to work. Like I said retirement is scary.


  1. Dear Karen, It's a shame your brother doesn't find himself able to help you in the care of your Mom. He may regret that someday, when it is too late for him to make amends.

    I have two brothers, and frankly it surprised me how hard they worked to avoid seeing my Mom; it hurt me terribly, for her sake, even though she no longer knew who they were. I know that some people have a hard time dealing with Alzheimer's, or the elderly in general, but I am tired of hearing that -- they should grow up and realize it is not about them, it's about what our elderly parents or other relatives need.

    My heart goes out to you. I hope your sister recovers soon and can join with you -- having someone to share the load makes a big difference. I'm glad I have my sister.

    Hugs -- Cass

  2. I am semi-retired and loving it. I work when I want to and I wrote a book. I am working on a seminary counseling degree. But may go back to teaching full-time in the fall to secure our finances as my husband can't work now due to his dementia.

  3. Karen,

    I know you are extremely busy taking care of your mother, but you should really try to take time each and every day to do something you enjoy, weather its reading a book or creating something. Not only will it help with passing the time, but you will find it makes you a lot happier taking the time to take care of yourself. -V

  4. My husband was going to retire early and then decided to keep working because he really likes his job.
    Me, I have too many things to do, I just don't have time to go to work! :-)

    Sorry your brother doesn't help you more with your mom. It is harder than people realize being a care giver. Hopefully your sisters health will improve soon.
    Hang in there.

  5. My dad retired after working for 32 years at the same company. He was dead 6 months later of a heat attack. You never know. If you retire, you have to keep active.

    My brother avoided caring/visiting my mom big time. Now that she's gone, he avoids me. Why are brothers so hard?!

  6. Brothers are like that, yes, they are! I could write a book! But, I will be nice & just offer you big fat (me) HUGS from me.

  7. I just don't know why Brothers are so hard. Hugs back to all of you and thanks for all the help. And I am So glad that not all retired people hate it. That gives me hope.


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The Early, Mild to Moderate and Advanced stages of Alzheimer's in the brain.

The Early, Mild to Moderate and Advanced stages of Alzheimer's in the brain.

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