There are 5.4 million people who have Alzheimer's. It cost 183 billion dollars in annual costs. Alz's is the 6th leading cause of death.
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1 John 4: 9-10

Mom and Dad Happy Times.

Friday, December 11, 2009

I'm Glad Your Back

In the early stages of moms disease after she started not caring about her chores. I would sit her in front of me and give her a towel to fold while I folded the rest of the cloths. She would play with it for awhile than give it back to me. Now she just holds it or drops it on the floor. And while I am doing dishes I sit her beside the dishwasher while I unload and load. Some days she sits without a word. Other times she is napping or being grumpy. Today she would talk awhile and sit silent awhile. I went out to the laundry room to take some cloths out of the dryer and hang some up leaving her in the kitchen alone for a little bit. When I came back she very loudly said . I'm Glad Your Back! That was nice and made me feel good. She missed me. She is paying attention.


  1. When I saw my father a few days ago he held my hand and didn't want me to leave. He knows me. Always deep inside he knows me.

    Bless you~

    And your Momma.

    Love, Rebecca

  2. It’s good that she continues to be aware and that you try to keep her active. One of the biggest mistakes I think people make is to start treating Alzheimer’s patients like they aren’t there anymore. Granted, sometimes they’re not! But, as you continue to show us so regularly, they pop in and out so it’s good that she still knows she has a place to land. BIG HUGS as I know the patience this takes.

  3. Good to hear. You are her security! She may act ugly to you at times, but I bet she really feels safe when she is with you.

  4. You are so good and patient with your mom. We could all learn a lesson from you!

  5. My mom would do this, too...I'd leave the room for sometimes less than a minute, come back and she'd greet me as though I'd been away on a voyage. Sometimes, too, I'd leave the room she was in and within less than moments, she'd call for me...not always my name...sometimes she'd call for "Mother", sometimes for her sister "Jean", but, when I'd return, the me reappearing to her, regardless of the name she gave me when she called, was the person for whom she was calling. That was always very gratifying. It's funny because, you know, I know you do, sometimes the sense of having my mom so dependent on my very presence was near to overwhelming...but, then, when she called for me or greeted me on my return to a room, well, being there for her wasn't overwhelming at those was heartwarming.

  6. Karen,
    I haven't thought of giving David some clothes to fold (I know they would be wadded, but it would give him something to do to feel helpful)....I normally fold in the utility room on top of the dryer, but I'll change that habit.

    I've said this before, and I'll say it again.... You're such a devoted/patient, and loving daughter!

  7. Beautiful ........... presence and the bond are the real thing, the words are secondary, yet I love those words.

  8. Thanks everyone.They know us and miss us and love us They just sometimes forget how to show it or say it.

  9. you are so inspiring how you appreciate the little moments, i swear you are an angel here on earth


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The Early, Mild to Moderate and Advanced stages of Alzheimer's in the brain.

The Early, Mild to Moderate and Advanced stages of Alzheimer's in the brain.

Seven Stages of Alzheimer's

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